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Basement Christianity vs a Rooftop Revival


It all started with this one simple question: “Why do I have such a passion for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ?” Am I just wired differently from others? For years now I’ve been asking myself this question and trying to figure out what is so different about me from so many other Christians—especially from so many other Christian artists who won’t give the good news from stage?

But then I paused for a moment, and thought to myself, perhaps I’m asking the wrong question. “If you’ve truly been set free from prison, then why wouldn’t you risk it all (including your pride and comfort) and try to break your friends and family members free from that same prison?” And yes, I am a huge fan of any TV show or movie that is based on the premise of a prison break – and I do love visiting Alcatraz!

Then I thought to myself, maybe the question shouldn’t be why am I so different from others? Perhaps it should be “Why are so many of us that call ourselves Christians, living a life that is so different from the precepts of the word of God. If it truly does mean good news, then why are we ashamed of the gospel (or at least hiding it from others)?

In one of my band Christafari’s songs “Rooftop” I chat: “Well now the words that me talk them a dead fe serious / Just imagine if you had the antivirus of the HIV, cancer or the AIDS / Would you be quiet or would you proclaim? / Even worse is the epidemic that them call sin / Without the sacrifice of Christ we can’t be forgiven, ah forgiven / Through Christ I’m living / And so me take it up on roof”!

In the little-known passage of Matthew 10:27, Jesus eloquently states: “What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.”

As a kid, I absolutely loved to climb on top of roofs. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I spent more waking hours up on the roof of my parents house then I did in my bedroom. There’s something about being able to see the majestic view of downtown Los Angeles glimmer as if it were set ablaze at sunset and even the Hollywood sign on a rare smog-free day. Oh to hear the birds in the trees and see God’s creation daily. But there was something else that was also very handy with being up on the roof; if you needed to get someone’s attention, all you had to do was simply shout. It didn’t matter where they were in the yard or on the street—they heard you loud and clear!

Being that I was raised in Southern California, there’s something else that our house did not have that most houses in the rest of the United States are equipped with: a basement.

I guess my overall fear is that so many Christians have taken their testimonies; their life changing and soul altering stories and packed them away in dusty boxes in their basementalong with high school yearbooks, and letterman jacket or prom dress. It’s something that they rarely use. What a shame!

It’s been so long since they felt the buzz of just coming to Christ, since they saw the contrast of coming out of the darkness and into the light and since they broke free from that prison they were living in, that they forgot all they have been emancipated from.

Even worse is that it seems so many of us have forgotten about the epidemic of sin that is rampant across the globe. Without the cure—the inoculation of the cross of Christ, every single person that you pass by in a shopping mall or the grocery store, every person that you know including the family members that you will probably share stories with this Easter Sunday are going to Hell if they haven’t been set free by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That’s serious!

Just yesterday, a few of our band members went and visited our good friend and my surfing buddy Sean Mathison. Just a month ago (and the day before we left on our Brazil tour), Sean was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Sure, we all probably know of someone that has had cancer and perhaps even passed away from this horrible disease, but it’s even more tragic when it’s someone that’s so young with a vibrant life that’s brimming with potential. I want to encourage you all to pray for my brother Sean as he is about ready to begin chemotherapy and radiation.

It’d be so incredible if I could just give him a pill that was a cure-all and make him instantly and completely cancer free. But regrettably I can’t.

As atrocious as cancer is, take your blinders off for moment and realize that our good friend Sean isn’t the only one who’s diagnosis is terminal.

That’s right, every single one of us have a similar diagnosis. For Hebrews 9:27 says: “People are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment.” Whether we’ve been given only six months to live or another 60 years of our life, every one of us was born with a sin disease and the wages of sin is death (Rom 6:23).

Now let me ask you one final question: if I were to offer you an extra 5 years to your life would you take it? Heck, I’m feeling generous, how about 10, or even another 20 years added to your life! Would you receive it? Of course you would! You’d be a fool not to!

Now please allow me to read the remainder of the aforementioned verse: “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Rom 6:23)

That’s right! Jesus isn’t just offering you another measly 5, 10 or even 20 years to your life, but eternity! Talk about being set free!

So as the Easter holiday approaches, don’t give your friends or your family members an iTunes gift card, give them the gift of eternity and share with them the good news Jesus Christ.

Unpack your testimony and bring it up from the basement. Mount it at the pinnacle of your roof and humbly, (with gentleness and respect) share the good news of Jesus Christ with those whom you love and your circle of influence.

That’s what this blog is all about – Being unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Will you join me on this journey?