Imagine if a Christian band set out to be more than just “Christians” that happen to play in the same group, but were decidedly Christian—overt, not covert. Bold, but not out of touch with this fallen world – truly relevant to the people they’re trying to reach and determined to reach the lost with the undiluted gospel of Jesus Christ.

What if a band that set out to CROSSOVER into the mainstream, actually took the CROSS over with them and were unashamed of the message of Christ’s sacrifice for the sin of the world? Imagine if this good news was presented at every single show, regardless of venue, attendance, popularity or any threat/danger that may incur because of it… whether or not they got a big guarantee of payment.

Imagine if they trusted wholeheartedly in God, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that where God leads, He’ll cover their needs and where the Lord guides, He surely will provide. Imagine if their faith was in the Lord and NOT in record labels, booking agents, contracts, agreements, honorariums, or anything else that is considered the “industry standard.”

Picture a group that set out to give God the glory and have the greatest impact in the world possible by fulfilling the great commission—not just trying to get the greatest commission ($$). With a focus on making Christ famous, not themselves. With an emphasis on SOULS, not SALES and on HEARTS, not CHARTS; and set out to do as many CONCERTS as possible, (especially in the places that needed it the most but could not afford to bring them out) in an effort to reach as many souls as possible for the Kingdom.

What if this band made such an impact in the world that other bands started following suit? Wouldn’t it be incredible if it became an industry standard once again for CHRISTian bands to actually proclaim the name of CHRIST boldly, and to give a clear call to salvation at every single concert? Not because everyone else was doing it, but because the Holy Spirit was genuinely moving in their hearts.

Imagine if these bands/artists set out NOT to gain treasures on this earth, but to store up for themselves treasures in Heaven. What if they fixed their eyes on Jesus and worked feverishly every single day to do the greatest good on earth to see as many souls saved as possible in their lives? A multitude of lives would be forever changed and Heaven would be a different place because of all the lost that were found through their selfless sacrifice.

Imagine if this spark truly caught ablaze. It would be a genuine “Roots Revival” and would surely spread like wildfire across the land. Please pray feverishly that this comes to fruition, as it is my heart’s desire and the SOUL focus of our band. Pray for us daily as we set out on this endeavor.

Thank you,

Mark Mohr