Drummer/ Guitarist audition

Christafari is currently looking for a drummer and a lead guitarist who has a heart for ministry, international travel and missions! To be considered for this position you need to meet some basic criteria.

I know it sounds romantic to tour the world with a Billboard chart topping band, but there’s a catch… We aren’t just looking for a professional drummer or guitarist, we are looking for a missional team member who is fully called to raise support as a missionary.

You need not apply UNLESS you:

*Are an unashamed born again Christian
*Are a gifted drummer/guitarist that has experience playing in front of crowds
*Are comfortable taking lead solos
*Can play seamlessly with a click track
*Quick learner (we almost never have rehearsals)
*Love travel and despise a consistent routine

*Are able to do 150-200 shows a year
*Hold a US Passport that is ready to be filled with stamps
*Are saved to serve
*Are willing to do what it takes to learn to be a missionary and raise personal support

If you believe you may be called to do this, please download the mp3 track below and video tape yourself (with the audio from the mp3 audible in the clip) and upload it to youtube.

Then Please send the video clip to:

Audition mp3:

Please call (808) 344-1234 if you have any questions.

We are so excited that you are interested in auditioning to be a musical missionary with Christafari! Thank you so much for sending in your resumes and videos of you playing – – but it’s time to hear you play our music!

You also must be a US citizen or a current resident with the ability to travel freely in and out of the United States in order to continue on with the audition process. There will be absolutely no exceptions regarding this since we do almost 200 shows a year in various countries.
If you meet the above criteria, then please click on the two links below and download the corresponding files. 
Christafari medley reference: 
The first one is a reference mix of how the various songs in the Medley sound on the album. I need you to study them thoroughly and memorize them to perfection. Our ultimate goal is to see how closely you can play to these original tracks while capturing the essence, feel and energy of the music. Please take your time and apply yourself to this or you will not be called back. Don’t fake it or try to wing it. Timing and attention to detail is crucial in this. Essentially, you’ve got to sound like the album. 
Once you have truly learned all of the parts and mastered the beats, and know each track inside and out, you will have to apply what you’ve learned verbatim to the corresponding click track file. This will take a lot more imagination because all of the tracks (except for one) do not have bass on them but do you have a few little cues here and there such as horns and organ. What you are playing to now is a medley of the exact same thing that is fed into each of our in ear monitors during our concerts. Once you have mastered playing all of the parts to this click track, you are finally ready for your video audition. 
For your video audition please set up a smart phone or camera (preferably a newer model that has quality audio with no distortion) in a place in the room that showcases you and your playing and make sure that both channels (left and right) of the click track is playing loud in the speakers at a decent volume in comparison to your drums so that we can hear clearly what you’re playing to and how you sound also.
When you’re recording we absolutely insists that you do it all in ONE TAKE for the performance side. It is absolutely crucial that we see how well you can play the songs without mistakes and how well you know this material and have applied yourself to these songs. Note: guitar parts will be all lead lines, licks and flatpick parts that are on the album but not on the click track.
So I must make it very clear that we will not accept any audition that has any sort of edit during this nine minute song medley. You have to record in one take from one camera from the beginning to the end of this montage of songs without any cuts at all. 
At the very end of your performance you then must share with us your name and why you think you would be the perfect fit for our ministry. Say whatever you want and clearly relay what God has put on your heart as to why you believe you are called to be a musical missionary. 
Then upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo and send us a link to it at
If you do not want to make the audition public then make it private but we must be able to access it and play it in order to consider you. Time is Limited, please apply ASAP!