• Release date: 2015-11-19
  • Label: Lion Of Zion Entertainment

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This CD is the perfect follow up to Christafari’s #1 Billboard chart topping “Reggae Worship: A Roots Revival” album. “While our last album contained more covers of less popular worship hits (with two exceptions: “Hosanna” and “How Great is Our God”), staying true to its name, “Anthems” is chock-full of worship anthems”, said lead vocalist/founder and producer Mark Mohr. 

In fact, if there is a top ten worship hit in the last 5 years that hasn’t been covered by Christafari by now, then it probably wouldn’t work well in reggae. And this band doesn’t just make the songs sound good in a reggae style. You may even find yourself enjoying Christafari’s latest covers (“Oceans,” “Our God,” “10,000 Reasons,” “Lord You Are Good,” “Forever Reign,” “One Thing Remains” and “Holy Spirit” to name a few) more than the originals if you’ve been yearning for something “different” from the current mainstream versions. 

“Anthems” also firmly establishes the award winning Avion Blackman (Mohr’s wife and the band’s bassist) as a permanent lead vocalist in the band–a welcome addition bringing more diversity to this multi faceted production. Also noteworthy is the prominent featuring of the band’s rhythm guitarist, rootsman Solomon Jabby, who shares the lead vocal role on 3 songs and lead guitarist Obie Obien on “Amazing Grace.” 

Stylistically, this album isn’t just reggae (roots, contemporary reggae and dancehall), but also delves into rocksteady, ska and even African Soukous. While the band primarily features singers from within its own ranks this time around, there are three noteworthy features of close friends of the band including former bandmate Dyna on the moving “Revelation Song,” Benny Oke on the energetic “Atanikomboa” and Dillavou on the fiery “Devotion”, a track reminiscent of the band’s “WordSound&Power” days. 

A lot of the album features the clean contemporary roots sound that the band perfected on “a Roots Revival,” with the co-production and arranging assistance of Justin Nalimu, but a few tracks… especially later in the project feature a different sound as they were co-produced by either Solomon Jabby (guitar) or Kevin Kinsella (formerly of John Brown’s Body) offering a welcome departure from the norm. 

Overall, this 16 track album is solid through and through with more covers at the beginning of the project and more originals featured at the end–perfectly setting us up for the band’s next album which will be mostly originals. The dictionary defines an anthem as a song, as of praise or devotion or a piece of sacred vocal music, usually with words taken from the Scriptures. That’s what this album is all about, offering the worshipper of Jesus Christ an array of timeless worship anthems to glorify our King! 



03. DEVOTION (feat. Avion Blackman & Dillavou)
04. 10,000 REASONS (Bless The Lord) [feat. Avion Blackman]
05. ATANIKOMBOA (He Will Deliver Me) (feat. Benny Oke)
06. OCEANS (Where Feet May Fail) [feat. Avion Blackman]
07. ONE THING REMAINS (feat. Avion Blackman)
08. REVELATION SONG (feat. Dyna)
09. KNOW YOU MORE (feat. Avion Blackman)
10. FOREVER REIGN (feat. Avion Blackman)
11. HOLY SPIRIT (feat. Avion Blackman)
12. CLEAN HEART (feat. Solomon Jabby & Avion Blackman)
14. HOW GREAT THOU ART (feat. Solomon Jabby)
15. I’LL FIGHT (Salvation Army Anthem)
16. AMAZING GRACE (feat. Solomon Jabby & Obie Obien) Produced by Mark Mohr


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