Thailand Team

Our dynamic team represented (Guatemala, Trinidad, Brazil, Thailand, USA, Netherlands)

Accepting Christ

Pastor Mark Mohr giving the Gospel at Thailand Christian Center

Crematorio Honduras

Samuel (Trumpet) & Taimes (guitarist) feeding people in Honduras

kenya mission 3

Clothing the beautiful children of Maasai Tribe in Kenya

Kenya Mission

Praying for 2 families who live in the largest slum in Kibera, Kenya

europe mission 3

People accepting Christ and rededicating lives to Christ at Christafari Concert in Derby, UK.

europe mission2

First time ever ministering across the street from a mosque in Derby, UK

Europe mission

Hands raised to receive Jesus at Be Like Jesus Festival, Poland

Carnaval Outreach

Thousands come to Christ during carnival outreaches in Brazil!

Jabby school

Jabby telling the kids at a school in the Solomon Islands that God has a plan for their life!

Christafari Orlando service

Christafari performed at a special prayer service at New Destiny Christian Center for those affected by the Orlando massacre.

Christafari Honduras missions

Christafari ministers at a trash dump near Tegucigalpa, Honduras during their Central American mission trip.

Melanesia Update

During our 1 month mission trip to Melanesia we saw an amazing 17,167 people come forward to receive Christ!

Christafari Follow Up

Christafari’s follow up counselors hard at work after a very fruitful altar call!