Kenya Prison Ministry

Check out Mark and Avion connecting with the inmates during a day in Kenya for prison ministry outreach

Guatemala Mission Trip

Meet Gerson and his family. He survived a tragic accident and is a living miracle today in recovery by the grace of God. Pray for the Calan Family as Gerson goes through recovery

Clothing the less fortunate

Ministry in Tondo, Philippines was not easy, we saw children without clothing and were able to feed, clothe children in need and share the Gospel

Nikita connects with youth

Everywhere we go, Nikita (Background Vocalist) is passionate about speaking into the lives of young girls and women.


Ministering in Philippines and people responding to the Gospel


Nikita using dance to praise Him in our last Brazil tour!

Prayer brazil

Evangelizing and leading people to Christ during the Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro

Miracle boy

Exactly 1 year ago this boy’s mother asked us to pray for his chronic ear inflammation. His doctor said that it was only a short matter of time before he’d go completely deaf. BUT GOD… So we laid hands on him and prayed for him. The next day we learned[…]

Sao Luis ministry

Christafari connecting with the crowd of Sao Luis, Brazil!

Brazil carnaval

On the streets of Rio de Janeiro witnessing during Carnaval in the favelas of Rocinha by Bola de Neve Church

witnessing in brazil

Michelle our translator, leading a homeless drug addict to Jesus Christ in Santos, Brazil.

Brazil 2018

Christafari ministering with Bola de Neve church in Rio de Janeiro

Salvation army Las Vegas

Praise God for all that came forward during the altar call at Salvation Army adult Rehab

Prayer is powerful

Nikita (Background vocalist) praying for Delphine her family in Havusupai Village, after outreach concert

Buddhist school Thailand

Children at a Buddhist School responding to Gospel Reggae Worship for the first time.

Maya mall

In the middle of the Maya Mall, worshipping Jesus together in Chiang Mai, Thailand