Christafari is podcasting!

We’re adapting and continuing to reach the lost at any cost! Join Christafari’s first live podcast where we speak about our experiences as Musicianaries around the world, the Word of God, the sound of Gospel reggae music, and the power of the Holy Spirit. Don’t miss this! and iTunes[…]

Word Sound and Power Hour

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Christafari musicianaries

We are so excited for our next trip! Where do you think, we should come visit this year 2020?

Praying backstage

We are so honored when parents ask us to share with them. In this moment Ziza, her dad and Christafari team got to pray for this precious young little boy. Who had the most amazing smile that made all of us smile!

Nikita dancing to Oceans

Nikita worshipping her heart to Jesus on Christafari’s cover of Oceans by Hillsong

Four Corners is a hit!

Our new song Four Corners has become an anthem on preaching the Good News to every corner of the earth.

Argentina 2020

We are so blessed to preach Jesus to nation after nation


Reaching the lost at any cost in Argentina Aviva Conference


Pastor Mark preaching the Good News on our Argentina Mission

Kenya Prison Ministry

Check out Mark and Avion connecting with the inmates during a day in Kenya for prison ministry outreach

Guatemala Mission Trip

Meet Gerson and his family. He survived a tragic accident and is a living miracle today in recovery by the grace of God. Pray for the Calan Family as Gerson goes through recovery

Clothing the less fortunate

Ministry in Tondo, Philippines was not easy, we saw children without clothing and were able to feed, clothe children in need and share the Gospel

Nikita connects with youth

Everywhere we go, Nikita (Background Vocalist) is passionate about speaking into the lives of young girls and women.


Ministering in Philippines and people responding to the Gospel


Nikita using dance to praise Him in our last Brazil tour!